Our services

Advisory Services

Change Management Support

Ankolo Consulting walks the journey with its enterprise partners through the first stages of their strategy’s implementation, addressing organisation hurdles that affect strategy execution.

We support enterprises to manage the change process, set up appropriate structures with the required coordination, information sharing, incentives and controls. During this limited time engagement we support the enterprises towards meeting key milestones that would demonstrate steady growth in their chosen markets that gives confidence to investors, lenders and other funders of the viability and growth potential of the business.

Strategy Development Support

Using tools developed specifically for the developing world’s environment, Ankolo Consulting supports African businesses to appreciate the unique environment they operate in. We help them to craft and stress-test strategic options that lead to business plans that have focus, differentiate the business, as well as communicate articulately the value offering to its stakeholders that would give the business a sustained competitive advantage.

As part of the strategic support, we also guide enterprises to develop effective strategy execution plans which increase their chances of achieving significant growth and scale making them attractive to lenders, investors and other funders.

Business Coaching

We deliver a “fit for purpose” African business focused executive and team Coaching. This is in line with international best practise, blended with globally acclaimed strategy techniques that enables enterprises to identify competing factors in their chosen markets that create focus, divergence and a compelling tagline for a value focused business strategy that is also attractive to investors and funders.

Investment Services

Africa Investment Fund

We mobilize local capital on the continent to invest in promising African enterprises.

Deals Flow Support

Ankolo Consulting creates awareness in the global and local investments environment of investable enterprises that have gone through the investor preparedness process.

We create a marketplace that enables the demand and supply sides in the investments space to engage in a more efficient manner. This reduces investor costs of reaching enterprises on the continent and mitigating risks inherent in early stage, middle stage and on the cusp enterprises {missing middle} in Africa, and on the other hand supporting African enterprises to appreciate and seek available and appropriate funding instruments.


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