About Us

Our Vision

To be the premier investment readiness Advisory firm in Africa offering support to
enterprises whose investments needs are “below $5,000,000”.

Africa’s young population is defaulting into the SME sector which generates more than 80% of employment opportunities on the continent.

This sector has the potential to play a critical role in the continent’s economy in promoting innovation and generating growth, however African enterprises face financing challenges arising out of the size of their operations and nature of their businesses. They face preparation challenges in attracting investors and lenders while on the other hand investors struggle to identify or effectively engage with the type of enterprises on the continent. Consequently, investment needs below $5,000,000 are largely not served.

Modular Offering

Business Coaching

To support enterprises conceptualise and articulate competitive factors
that create focus, divergence and a compelling tagline for value focused
business strategies attractive to investors.

Strategy Development Support

To help enterprises identify and leverage blue ocean opportunities out of
Africa’s unique environment that will lead to relevant, sustainable and
impactful businesses attractive to investors, lenders and other funders.

Change Management Support

To walk the journey with our clients in the execution of their strategies
to demonstrate steady growth in their chosen markets that would give
confidence to investors, lenders and other funders of the viability and
growth potential of the businesses.

Deals Flow Support

To work towards building a more efficient market for investments and
lending where enterprises become more visible and attractive to
investors/lenders and investors/lenders become more accessible to

Africa Investment Fund

We will work towards stimulating local capital as an alternative source
of investments into African enterprises.

Ankolo Consulting is an African Advisory Firm founded in July 2020 to offer investment readiness support for African enterprises. We aim to support enterprises navigate the challenging investment landscape towards accessing impactful financing, that will drive scale and economic growth across the continent.

Why We Exist

African enterprises play an important role in the economy in promoting innovation and generating growth. Due to the size of their operations and nature of their businesses, these African enterprises face matching and preparation challenges in accessing capital and funding. Ankolo plugs in to offer investment readiness advisory services.

Our Focus

African enterprises remain significantly underserved by financial institutions and miss out on investment opportunities. Our focus is on the ``Missing Middle`` which comprises of Early Stage, Middle Stage or On the Cusp enterprises whose investments needs are “below $5,000,000”.

Our Competitive Edge

  • Business coaching specifically designed to address the unique realities of African enterprises.
  • We offer guidance to differentiate African enterprise from competition and create unique value path.
  • Walk the journey with our enterprise partners towards more sustainable businesses
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